MAX SCHELER (1874 - 1928)



  • Biannual Meeting, Max Scheler Society of North America, Chicago, February 15-18, 2012
  • The Phenomenology of Shared Feeling: Max Scheler and Hermann Schmitz, University of Basel, May 5-6, 2009



  • Anthologies:
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  • Selected Individual Works:
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      • German Philosophy Today
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    • Zur Phanomenologie und Theorie der Sympathiegefuhe.  1914.
      • On Phenomenology and the Theory of Sympathy.
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      • Resentment.  Trans. William W. Holdheim.  Ed.  and intro. Manfred S. Frings.  Milwaukee, WI: Marquette UP, 1994.


  • Archives:
  • Selected Individual Works:



  • Anthologies:


  • Selected Individual Works:

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