• Anthologies:

  • Edited Works:

    • Il Pensiero debole.  Ed. Vattimo and P. A. Rovatti.  Milan: Feltrinelli, 1983.  

  • Selected Inddividual Works:

    • Hermeneutic Communism: from Heidegger to Marx.  By Vattimo and Santiago Zabala.  New York: Columbia UP, 2011.

    • A Farewell to Truth.  Trans. William McCuaig.  New York: Columbia UP, 2011.

    • Hermeneutic Communism.  Ed. Santiago Zabala.  New York: Columbia UP, 2011.

    • Art's Claim to Truth.  Ed. Santiago Zabala.  Trans.  Luca D'Isanto.  New York: Columbia UP, 2010.

    • Christianity, Truth, and Weakening Faith: a Dialogue.  By Vattimo and Rene Girard.  New York: Columbia UP, 2010.

    • An Ethics for Today: Finding Common Ground Between Philosophy and Religion.  By Rorty and Gianni Vattimo.  New York: Columbia UP, 2010.

    • The Responsibility of the Philosopher.  Ed. Franca D'AgostiniTrans. William McCuaig.  New York: Columbia UP, 2010.

    • After the Death of God.  By Vattimo and John D. Caputo.  Ed. Jeffrey W. Robbins.  New York: Columbia UP, 2009.

    • Not Being God: a Collaborative Autobiography.  By Vattimo and Piergiorgio Paterlini.  Trans. William McCuaig.  New York: Columbia UP, 2009. 

    • Dialogue with Nietzsche.  New York: Columbia UP, 2007.

    • The Future of Religion.  By Vattimo and Richard Rorty.  Ed. Santiago Zabala.  New York: Columbia UP, 2005.

    • Nihilism and Emancipation: Ethics, Politics, and Law.  Trans. William McCuaig.  New York: Columbia UP, 2004.

    • Dopo la cristianitÓ: Per un cristianesimo non religioso.  Milan: Garzanti, 2002.

      • After Christianity.  Trans. Luca D'Isanto.  New York: Columbia UP, 2002.

    • Consequences of Hermeneutics

    • Credere di credere.  Milan: Garzanti, l996.

      • Belief.  Trans. Luca D'Isanto and David Webb.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 2000.

    • La Religion: SÚminaire de Capri.  By Vattimo and Jacques Derrida.  Paris: Seuil, 1996.
      • Religion.  Cambridge: Polity, 1998.
    • Oltre l'interpretazione.  Rome-Bari: Laterza, 1994.

      • Beyond Interpretation: the Meaning of Hermeneutics for Philosophy.  Trans. David Webb.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 1997.

    • Etica dell' interpretazione.  Turin: Rosenberg & Sellier, 1989.

    • La SocietÓ trasparente.  Milan: Garzanti, 1989.

      • The Transparent Society.  Trans. David Webb.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1994.

    • Introduzione a Nietzsche.  Rome-Bari: Laterza, 1985.

      • Nietzsche: Philosophy as Cultural Criticism.  Trans. Nicholas Martin.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 2002.

    • La Fine della modernitÓ.  Milan: Garzanti, 1985.

      • The End of Modernity: Nihilism and Hermeneutics in Postmodern Culture.  Cambridge: Polity, 1988.

    • Al di lÓ del soggetto.  Milan: Feltrinelli, 1981.

    • Le Aventure della differenza.  Milan: Garzanti, 1980.

      • The Adventure of Difference: Philosophy after Nietzsche and Heidegger.  Trans. Thomas Harrison and Cyprian P. Blamires.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins UP, 1993.

    • Il Soggetto e la maschera.  Milan: Bompiani, 1974.

    • Introduzione ad Heidegger.  Rome-Bari: Laterza, 1971.

    • Schleiermacher, filosofo dell'interpretazione.  Milan: Mursia, 1968.

    • Poesia e ontologia.  Milan: Mursia, 1968.

    • Ipotesi su Nietzsche.  Turin: Giappichelli, 1967.

    • Essere, storia e linguaggio in Heidegger.  Turin: "Filosofia", Turin 1963

    • Il Concetto di fare in Aristotele.  Turin: Giappichelli, 1961.

  • Selected Interviews:

    • Filosofia al presente.  Milan: Garzanti, 1990.





  • Anthologies:

    • Zabala, Santiago, ed.  Weakening Philosophy: Essays in Honour of Gianni Vattimo.  Montreal: McGill-Queen's UP, 2007.  [review]

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Depoortere, Frederiek.  Christ in Postmodern Philosophy: Gianni Vattimo, RenÚ Girard and Slavoj Zizek.  London: T & T Clark International, 2008.




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