C[LARENCE]. I[RVING]. LEWIS (1883 - 1964)



  • Anthologies:

    • Collected Papers of C. I. Lewis. Ed. John D. Goheen and John L. Mothersheard.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 1970.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Values and Imperatives: Studies in Ethics.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 1969.

    • Our Social Inheritance.  Bloomington: Indiana UP, 1957.

    • The Ground and Nature of the Right.  New York: Columbia UP, 1955.

    • "The Given Element in Empirical Knowledge."  Philosophical Review 61 (1952): .

    • An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation.  La Salle: Open Court, 1946.

    • Symbolic Logic.  New York: Centurion, 1932.

    • Mind and the World-Order: Outline of a Theory of Knowledge.  New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1929.

    • The Pragmatic Element of Knowledge.  Berkeley: U of California P, 1926.

    • "A Pragmatic Conception of the A Priori."  Journal of Philosophy 20.7 (1923): 169-177. 

      • Rpt. in Analytic Philosophy.  Ed. Jordan J. Lindberg.  Mountain View, CA: Mayfield, 2000.  54-60.

    • A Survey of Symbolic Logic.  Berkeley: U of California P, 1918.


  • Archives:


  • Selected Individual Works:




  • Anthologies:

    • Schilpp, P. A., ed.  The Philosophy of C. I. Lewis.  La Salle: Open Court, 1968.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Colella, E. P.  C. I. Lewis and the Social Theory of Conceptualistic Pragmatism.  Lewiston, NY: E. Mellen, 1992.

    • Knott, G. T.  Skepticism, Justification, and the Argument for Certainty: an Examination of C. I. Lewis' Foundationalism.  Athens, OH: Ohio UP, 1976.

    • Murphey, Murray.  C. I. Lewis.  

    • Rosenthal, Sandra B.  C. I. Lewis in Focus: the Pulse of PragmatismBloomington: Indiana UP, 2007.
    • Rosenthal, Sandra B.  The Pragmatic A Priori: a Study in the Epistemology of C. I. Lewis.  St. Louis, MO: Warren H. Green, 1976.

    • Saydah, J. R.  The Ethical Theory of Clarence Irving Lewis.  Athens, OH: Ohio UP, 1969.



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