EUGENE C. HOLMES (1905 - 1980)



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    • "Jean Toomer, Apostle of Beauty.”  Opportunity 10 (August 1932): .

    • "The Negro in Recent American Literature.”  American Writers' Congress.  Ed. Henry Hart.  New York: International Publishers, 1935.

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    • "The Negro as Capitalist.”  Science and Society 2 (1937): .

    • "Problems Facing the Negro Writer.”  New Challenge (1937): .

    • "Educators Fight for Federal Aid.”  American Teacher (1938): .

    • "Famine,” by Liam O'Flaherty.  American Teacher (1938): .

    • ___. "Negro College Graduate,” by C. S. Johnson. New Masses (November 1938).

    • ___. "Philosophy Takes a Holiday,” by Irwin Edman. American Teacher (January 1939).

    • ___. "Guide of Philosophy of Morals and Politics,” by C. E. M. Joad. Science and Society (Spring 1939).

    • ___. "Mrs. James Crow: D.A.R,” New Masses 30 (March 1939).

    • ___. "Race Against Men,” by H. J. Seligmann; "The Negro Immigrant" by R. D. A. Reid.  Science and Society (Spring 1940).

    •  __. "Anti-Semitism,” Series of articles in The Chicago Defender (1944).

    • ___. "Philosophical Problems of Space and Time,” Science and Society 24, (1950): 207-27.

    • ___. "The Main Philosophical Considerations of Space and Time,” American Journal of Physics 18 (December 1950): 560-70.

    • ___. "The Kantian Views of Time and Space Evaluated,” Philosophy and Phenomenolog­ical Research (September 1955-56).

    • The New Negro Thirty Years Afterward: Papers Contributed to the Sixteenth Annual.Spring Conference of the Division of the Social Sciences. Co-editor with Ray­ford W. Logan and G. Franklin Edwards. Washington, D.C.: Howard Univer­sity Press, 1955.

    • ___. "Alain Locke-Philosopher,” in The New Negro Thirty Years Afterward. Washing­ton, D.C.: Howard University Press, 1955.

    • ___. "A General Theory of the Freedom Cause of the Negro People,” American Philo­sophical Association, December 1955. This paper was later published in Percy E. Johnston Afro-American Philosophies: Selected Readings from Jupiter Hammon to Eugene C. Holmes. Upper Montclair, N.J.: Montclair State Col­lege Press, 1970.

    • ___. "Alain Locke, Philosopher, Critic, Spokesman,” Journal of Philosophy 54 (February 28, 1957).

    • ___. "Alain LeRoy Locke: A Sketch,” Phylon, 1st Quarter (Spring 1959).

    • ___. "A Program. for African Liberation,” The African 2 (September-October 1960).

    • ___. "The Legacy of Alain Locke,” Freedomways 3 (Summer 1963).

    • ___. "Social Philosophy and the Social Mind: A Study of Genetic Methods of J. M. Baldwin, George Herbert Mead, and J. E. Boodin,” New York: Columbia Univer­sity, 1942. (Dissertation).


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