LEO SPITZER (1887 - 1960)



  • Anthologies:

    • Representative Essays.  Ed. Alban K. Forcione, Herbert Lindenberger, and Madeline Sutherland.  Stanford: Stanford UP, 1988.

    • Essays on English and American Literature.  Ed. Anne Hatcher.  Gordian Press, 1984.

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    • Linguistics and Literary History: Essays in Stylistics.  Princeton: Princeton UP, 1948.

  • Edited Works:

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • "Development of a Method."  1960.

    • "The Individual Factor in Linguistic Innovations."  Cultura Neolatina 16 (1956): 71-89.

      • Routledge Language and Cultural Theory Reader.  Ed. Lucy Burke, Tony Crowley, and Alan Girvin.  London: Routledge, 2000.  64-73.

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    • "Geistesgeschichte vs. History of Ideas as Applied to Hitlerism."  Journal of the History of Ideas 5 (1944): .

    • "Why Does Language Change?"  MLQ 4 (1943): 413-431.

    • Romanischen Stil und Literaturstudien.  2 Vols.  1931.

    • Stilstudien.  2 Vols.  1928.


  • Archives:


  • Selected Individual Works:




  • Anthologies:


  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Baer, E. Kristina, and Daisy E. Shenholm.  Leo Spitzer on Language and Literature: a Descriptive Biography. New York: MLA, 1992.

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    • Wellek, René.  "Leo Spitzer (1887-1960)."  Comparative Literature 12 (1960): 310-334.



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