• LIT CRI '12, Fine Arts University of Mimar Sinan, Istanbul, May 2-5


  • Literature as Communication, Philosophy of Communication Section, European Communication Research and Education Association and the Literary Communication Project, Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland, September 2-3
  • Space in Literature: Questioning Space in Fiction, Department of Classical Literatures, University of Amsterdam, May 26-27
  • No Quarrels: Literature and Philosophy Today, Humanities Foundation, Boston University, April 1-2



  • Style in Theory / Styling Theory, Inaugural International Literary Criticism and Theory Conference
    Series, Department of English, University of Malta, November 26-28
  • The Surplus of Culture: Sense, Common-Sense, Non-Sense, Institute of English Cultures and Literatures,
    University of Silesia, September 16-20
  • Genre and Interpretation, Finnish Literary Society and Finnish Graduate School of Literary Studies, Helsinki, June 10–12


  • 11th International Conference, International Association for the Empirical Study of Literature and Media, University of Memphis, July 8-11
  • Global Arts, Local Knowledge, International Association of Philosophy and Literature, Melbourne, June 30-July 6
  • Philosophy and Literature / Literature and Philosophy, Inaugural Conference, Centre for Literature and Philosophy, University of Sussex, June 12-14
  • Character and Emotions, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Université de Genevè, April 25
  • Philosophy of Literature, Ratio Conference 2008, University of Reading, April 12


  • Poets Reading Philosophy / Philosophers Reading Poetry, Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature, and the Arts , University of Warwick, October 26-28



  • Textual Culture, Centre for Textual Culture, Literature and Technology, University of Stirling, July 19-20
  • Music, Poetry and Sense Experience, New Languages for Criticism: Cross-currents and Resistances and the Centre de Recherches sur les Arts et le Langage (CRAL), École des Hautes Etudes et Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, June 10-11
  • Future Literature, Future Criticism, Prague, Czech Republic, March 17-19
  • Poetry and Belief, Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature, University of Warwick, February 25

  • Character and Imagination, Department of Philosophy, University of Sheffield, January 29


  • IV Congreso Internacional de Teoria y Critica Literaria, Centro de Estudios de Teoria y Critica literaria, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina, August 18-20

  • Cultures, Theories, Critiques, Department of Critical Theory and Cultural Studies, University of Nottingham, April



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