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  • Anthologies:


  • Edited Works:

    • The Scientific Literature: a Guided Tour.  Ed. Gross and Joseph E. Harmon.  Chicago: U of Chicago P, 2007.

    • Rereading Aristotle's Rhetoric.  Ed. Gross and Arthur E. Walzer.  Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 2000.

    • Rhetorical Hermeneutics: Invention and Interpretation in the Age of Science.  Ed. Gross and William M. Keith.  Albany: SUNY Press, 1997.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • "Scientific and Technical Controversy: Three Frameworks for Analysis."  Argument and Advocacy 42 (2006): 43-47.

    • Starring the Text: the Place of Rhetoric in Science Studies.  Carbondale: Southern Illinois UP, 2006.  [this is a drastic "refiguring" (as Gross puts it] of his earlier The Rhetoric of Science]

    • "The Verbal and the Visual in Science: a Heideggerian Perspective."  Science in Contest 19 (2006):  443-474. 

    • "Lincolnís Use of Constitutive Metaphors."  Rhetoric and Public Affairs 7 (2004): 173-90.

    • Chaim Perelman.  By Gross and Ray Dearin.  Albany: SUNY Press, 2002.

    • Communicating Science: the Scientific Article from the 17th Century to the Present.  By Gross, Joseph E. Harmon, and Michael Reidy.  Oxford: OUP, 2002.

    • "The Conceptual Unity of Aristotleís Rhetoric."  By Gross and Marcelo Dascal.  Philosophy and Rhetoric 34 (2001): 275-291.

    • "Argument and 17th Century Science: a Rhetorical Analysis with Sociological Implications."  By Gross, Joseph Harmon and Michael Reidy.  Social Studies of Science 30 (2000): 371-96.  

    • "Rhetoric as a Technique and a Mode of Truth: Reflections on Chaim Perelman."  Philosophy and Rhetoric 33.4 (2000): 319-35.

    • "The Marriage of Pragmatics and Rhetoric."  By Gross and Marcelo Dascal.  Philosophy and Rhetoric 32 (1999): 107-130. 

    • "A Theory of the Rhetorical Audience: Reflections on Chaim Perelman."  Quarterly Journal of  Speech 85 (1999): 203-211.

    • "Whatís Right About Scientific Writing."  By Gross and Joseph Harmon.  The Scientist 13 (1999): 20.

    • "On the Shoulders of Giants: Seventeenth-Century Optics as an Argument Field."  Landmark Essays on Rhetoric of Science: Case Studies.  Ed. Randy Allen Harris.  Mahwah, NJ: Hermagoras Press, 1997.

    • "Rhetoric of Science."  Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition: Communication from Ancient Times to the Information Age.  New York: Garland, 1996.

    • "Ending it All: Closure in Science and Its Philosophy."  Argumentation 8 (1994): 9-20.

    • "Positivists, Postmodernists, and Aristotelians and the Challenger Disaster."  College English 56 (1994): 420-33.

    • "Is a Rhetoric of Science Policy Possible?"  Social Epistemology 8 (1994): 273-280.

    • "The Roles of Rhetoric in the Public Understanding of Science."  Public Understanding of Science 3 (1994): 3-23.

    • "The Experiment as Text: the Limits of Literary Analysis."  Rhetoric Review 11 (1993): 290-300.

    • "The Rhetoric of Science and the Science of Rhetoric."  Proceedings of the Canadian Society for the Study of Rhetoric.  Ed. Albert W. Halsall.  4 (1991-92):  8-35.

    • "The Battle Over Sociobiology."  Social Epistemology 6 (1992): 165-74.

    • "Rhetoric of Science without Constraints."  Rhetorica 9 (1992): 283-299.

    • "Does the Rhetoric of Science Matter?  The Case of the Floppy Eared Rabbits."  College English 53 (1991): 933-943.

    • "Extending the Expressive Power of Language: Tables, Graphs, and Diagrams."  Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 20 (1989-1990): 221-235.

    • "The Origin of Species: Evolutionary Taxonomy as an Example of the Rhetoric of Science."  The Rhetorical Turn: Invention and Persuasion in the Conduct of Inquiry.  Ed. Herbert W. Simons.  Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1990.

    • The Rhetoric of Science.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1990.

    • "A Primer on Tables and Figures."  Journal of Technical Writing and Communication 13 (1983): 33-55.




  • Anthologies:


  • Selected Individual Works:






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