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  • Anthologies:

    • Alasdaire MacIntyre's Engagement with Marxism: Selected Writings, 1953-1974.  Ed. Paul Blackledge.  Chicago: Haymarket, 2009.

    • Marxist Writings.  Ed. Paul Blackledge and Neil Davidson.  2007.

    • Selected Essays.  2 Vols.  Cambridge: CUP, 2006.

      • Ethics and Politics.  Vol. 2.

      • The Tasks of Philosophy.  Vol. 1.

    • The MacIntyre Reader.  Ed. Kelvin Knight.  Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1998.

    • Against the Self-Images of the Age: Essays on Ideology and Philosophy.  London: Duckworth, 1971.

  • Edited Works:

    • Revisions: Changing Perspectives in Moral Philosophy.  Vol. 3.  Ed. MacIntyre and Stanley Hauerwas.  Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1983.

    • Hegel: a Collection of Critical Essays.  Garden City, NY: Anchor, 1972.

    • Sociological Theory and Philosophical Analysis.  Ed. MacIntyre and Dorothy Emmet.  NewYork: Macmillan, 1970.

    • Hume's Ethical Writings.  New York: Collier, 1965.

    • New Essays in Philosophical Theology.  Ed. MacIntyre and Antony Flew.  London: SCM, 1955.

  • Selected Individual Works:

    • God, Philosophy, Universities: a Selective History of the Catholic Philosophical Tradition.  London: Continuum, 2009.

    • Edith Stein: a Philosophical Prologue, 1913-1922.  Lanham, MD: Roman and Littlefield, 2005.

    • Dependent Rational Animals: Why Human Beings Need the Virtues.  Chicago: Open Court, 1999.

    • "Moral Relativism, Truth, and Justification."  1994.

      • The Tasks of Philosophy.  Vol. 1 of Selected Essays.  Cambridge: CUP, 2006. 

    • "Truthfulness, Lies and Moral Philosophers: What Can We Learn from Mill and Kant?"  Tanner Lectures on Human Values, Princeton University, April 6-7, 1994.

    • First Principles, Final Ends and Contemporary Philosophical IssuesThe Aquinas Lecture, 1990.  Milwaukee: Marquette UP, 1990.

      • The Tasks of Philosophy.  Vol. 1 of Selected Essays.  Cambridge: CUP, 2006. 

    • "Moral Dilemmas."  1990.

      • Ethics and Politics.  Vol. 2 of Selected Essays.  Cambridge: CUP, 2006.

    • Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry: Encyclopaedia, Genealogy, and Tradition.  The Gifford Lectures.  Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1990.

    • Whose Justice?  Which Rationality?.  Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1988.

    • "Is Patriotism a Virtue?".  The Lindley Lecture.  University of Kansas, 1984. 

      • Liberalism.  Vol. 3.  Ed. Richard J. Arneson.  Aldershot: Elgar, 1992.  246-263.

    • "The Relationship of Philosophy to its Past."  Philosophy in History.  Ed. Richard Rorty, J. B. Schneewind and Quentin Skinner.  Cambridge: CUP, 1984.  31-48.

    • "Philosophy and its History."  Analyse and Kritik 4 (1982): 102-13.

    • "Philosophy, the 'Other' Disciplines, and their Histories: a Rejoinder to Richard Rorty."  Soundings 65 (1982): 127-45.

    • After Virtue: a Study in Moral Theory.  Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1981.

    • "Epistemological Crises, Dramatic Narrative and the Philosophy of Science."  The Monist 60 (1977): 453-72.

      • The Tasks of Philosophy.  Vol. 1 of Selected Essays.  Cambridge: CUP, 2006.  3-23.

      • Paradigms and Revolutions: Appraisals and Applications of Thomas Kuhn's Philosophy of Science.  Ed. Gary Cutting.  Notre Dame: U of Notre Dame P, 1980.  54-74.

    • Marcuse.  London: Fontana, 1970.

    • The Religious Significance of Atheism.  By MacIntyre and Paul Ricoeur.  New York: Columbia UP, 1969.

    • Marxism and Christianity.  New York: Schocken, 1968.

    • Secularization and Moral Change.  The Riddell Memorial Lectures.  London: OUP, 1967.

    • A Short History of Ethics.  New York: Macmillan, 1966.

    • Difficulties in Christian Belief.  London: SCM, 1959.

    • The Unconscious: a Conceptual Analysis.  London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1958.

    • Marxism: an Interpretation.  London: SCM, 1953.




  • Anthologies:

    • Blackledge, Paul, et al., eds.  Alasdair MacIntyre's Engagement with Marxism: Essays and Articles, 1953-1974.  2008.

    • Horton, John, and Susan Mendus, eds.  After MacIntyre: Critical Perspectives on the Work of Alasdair MacIntyre.  Cambridge: Polity, 1994.

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    • Murphy, Nancey, Brad J. Kallenberg,  and Mark Thiessen Nation, eds.  Virtues and Practices in the Christian Tradition: Christian Ethics after MacIntyre.  Harrisburg, PA: Trinity, 1997.
  • Selected Individual Works:

    • Almond, Brenda.  "Alasdair MacIntyre: the Virtue of Tradition."  Journal of Applied Philosophy 7 (1990): 99-103.

    • Annas, Julia.  "MacIntyre on Traditions."  Philosophy and Public Affairs 18 (1989): 388-404.
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    • Perreau-Saussine, Emile.  Alasdair MacIntyre, une biographie intellectuelle: Introduction aux critiques contemporaines du libéralisme.  2005.

    • Schneewind, Jerome B. "MacIntyre and the Indispensability of Tradition."  Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51 (1991): 165-168.




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