JOHN RAWLS (1921 - 2002)


  • Between Rawls and Religion: Liberalism in a Postsecular World, LUISS University and John Cabot University, Rome, December 16-18, 2010

  • Rawlsian Liberalism in Context(s): Engaging the Philosophical Foundations of Politics and Public Policy, University of Tennessee, February 26-27, 2010



  • Anthologies:

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  • Selected Individual Works:

    • A Brief Inquiry into the Meaning of Sin and Faith.  Ed. Thomas Nagel.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2009.

    • Justice as Fairness: a Restatement.  Cambridge, MA: Belknap, 2001.

    • The Law of Peoples, with 'The Idea of Public Reason Revisited'.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1999.

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    • "The Domain of the Political and Overlapping Consensus." New York University Law Review 64 (1989): 233-255.

    • "A Kantian Conception of Equality."  Cambridge Review (1975): 94-99.

    • A Theory of Justice.  Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 1971.




  • Anthologies:

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  • Selected Individual Works:

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